Brandon and Raphael

Our Approach

We are a small family business in San Diego dedicated to serving your needs in all electronic equipment repair and installs.  With over 10 years of experience, we hold the drive and tools necessary to accomplish your desired tasks right the first time and accurately.

Our Story

CIT started as a small computer repair business in Central Florida. Right out of high school, Raphael invested his time and efforts in community assistance for the elderly in order to keep people connected to their loved ones living out of town. CIT rapidly grew by word of mouth in the surrounding cities and it wasn't long after that, small business IT support, was CIT's focus point since so many clients and their businesses could not afford downtime. Fast forward to almost a decade later and CIT has been focused on keeping a small but loyal client base. CIT is a friend you can call when your computer or network isn't cooperating with your needs. We are in business to keep you in business.


Meet the Team

Raphael Cipriano

Founder & CEO


Brandon Johnston

Systems Analyst & Hardware


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